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Photo of the Day

Published 4 Oct 2013

An example of the abundance of soil critters that we find in a tablespoon of soil after a soil extraction procedure....

picture by Valerie Behan-Pelletier

Published 27 May 2013

A tiny arachnid that we find frequently in soil samples. Photo by Valerie Behan-Pelletier, Agriculture Canada.

Published 3 Oct 2013

Cantharellus subalbidus (the white chanterelle), commonly found in BC this time of year - and it is one big yummy treat. Miranda made a fine spaghetti mushroom sauce.

Thanks to Monika Gorzelak for her fine 'shroom hunting near Revelstoke. 

Published 9 May 2013

Ben Wolfe, an ex-grad student in my lab, who is currently doing his Post-Doc research at Harvard University. He is working on several food microbiology projects ( Here he is in his cheese cave! It was fun connecting with him during my recent trip to Boston.

Published 29 Sep 2013

Aseroe rubra, commonly known as the "sea anemone fungus." We found it in a forest clearing in Kauai. Although it did not smell bad when I picked it, as a member of the stinkhorns it typically smells like rotting animal flesh and attracts flies to disperse its spores. This was a highlight for me. I'd only seen this in photos.


Published 7 May 2013

A pic from the Grade 5 lecture/workshop that I lead at Glenmore Elementary School in Kelowna. The lecture was on "Ecosystems, plants, and fungi."

Amanita muscaria, otherwise known as the fly agaric. To the students, its the smurf mushroom.


Published 19 Sep 2013

A nice specimen found on Vancouver Island near Sydney 

Published 3 May 2013

Crab apple at the Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University