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John Klironomos' Blog

Rising Star Award

Congratulations to Jennifer Forsythe, recipient of the UBC Okanagan Rising Star Award.
The Rising Star Award honours graduates of the Okanagan campus who have shown themselves to be exceptional in social, civic, professional, cultural, research and/or athletic pursuits and accomplishments.  These individuals bring pride to the University community by applying their learning for the betterment of the world around them.  The award recipient is someone who exemplifies how UBC prepares and encourages students to make a difference.


Welcome to the new website

I will be posting any news and announcements right here. Come back and visit.


Paper Accepted for Publication

Congratulations to Pierre-Luc Chagnon. His manuscript was just accepted for publication! 

Chagnon P-L, Bradley RL, Maherali H, Klironomos JN (2013) Functional traits and life history of mycorrhizal fungi. Trends in Plant Science. In press.

A new book on invasive species

A new book on Invasive Species


Public Seminars at Harvard

I am giving a few seminars in the Boston area over the next few days, including two for the public. Check out the links above.