2007 Humboldt Research Prize, Germany
2006 NSERC Steacie Research Fellowship
2003 Harvard University Bullard Fellowship
2003 Canada Research Chair
2001 President's Distinguished Professor Award, University of Guelph
2000 Ontario Premier's Research Excellence Award

Working Group Invitations

2004-2005 National Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. Santa
Barbara, U.S.A. Topic: Mycorrhizal Functioning in Ecosystems.
2004-2006 National Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. Santa
Barbara, U.S.A. Topic: Plant Invasions.

Research Funding

2013-2018 Klironomos J. Functional diversity among arbuscular mycorrhizal symbioses. NSERC Discovery. $285,000
2010-2013 Klironomos J. Functional diversity within arbuscular mycorrhizal symbioses. NSERC Discovery. $213,000
2007-2010 Klironomos, J.N., Wagner-Riddle, C., and Dunfield, K.E. Evaluating soil-plant-microbe interactions as a technology for forest ecosystem restoration. NSERC Strategic. $452,000.
2009. 2006-2009 Whalen J.K., Bradley, R.L., Gordon, A.M., Shipley, J.W., Klironomos, J.N., and Smith, E.G. Environmental and economic benefits of tree-based intercropping systems in Canada. NSERC Strategic. $328,150.
2008. 2006-2008 Klironomos, J. Mechanisms of plant invasion. NSERC Steacie Discovery Supplement. $200,000.
2010. 2005-2010 Klironomos, J. Functional diversity of plant microbe interactions. NSERC Discovery $335,000.
2008. 2005-2008 Malcolm, J., Drapeau, P., Klironomos, J., Moncalvo, J.-M., Peng, C., Smith, S., Thompson, I. Dynamics of woody debris in eastern boreal forests. Sustainable Forest Management Network. $444,700
2004 Klironomos, J. Soil Ecology Laboratory Facility CFI / OIT Infrastructure. $249,000
2008. 2003-2008 Klironomos, J. Canada Research Chair in Ecology. $500,000.
2006. 2003-2006 Swanton, C.L., Klironomos, J.N., Pauls, K.P., and Trevors, J.T. Persistence of recombinant DNA in soil ecosystems from genetically modified corn and soybean. NSERC Strategic. $595,603.
2005. 001-2005 Klironomos, J. N. Functional diversity of plant-microbe interactions NSERC Discovery. $187,600.
2001 Klironomos, J. Microbial degradation of hydrocarbons. NSERC/Industry Program. $38,600
2001 Klironomos, J.N. Mycorrhizal fungi as determinants of plant community structure. Premier's Research Excellence Award. $150,000.
2000 Larson, D.W., Husband, B.C., Reader, R.J. and Klironomos, J.N. Research Vehicles. NSERC Equipment. $37,000.
2000 Klironomos, J. N. Microbial Incubators NSERC Equipment. $21,640.
1999 Klironomos, J. N. Mycorrhizal inoculation of native trees in city parks and streetscapes. International Society of Arboreculture Research Trust. $15,000.
1998 Posluszny, U., Husband, B.C., Klironomos, J.N., Peterson, R.L. & Greenwood, J.S. Image Capture and Analysis System. NSERC Equipment. $25,470.
2001. 1997-2001 Klironomos, J.N. Functional diversity among plant microbe interactions NSERC Discovery. $131,400.
1997 Klironomos, J.N. Research Microscope NSERC Equipment. $40,200.


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