Undergraduate Courses Taught Since 1996

BIOL 414 Ecological Methods
BIOL 422 Conservation Biology
BIOL 417 Evolutionary Ecology
BIOL 116 Biology for Science Majors
ASCI*4030 Topics in Arts and Science Research
BIOL*2060 Ecology
BIOL*3050 Mycology
BIOL*4110 Ecological Methods
BOT*2050 Plant Ecology
BOT*4060 Restoration Ecology
BOT*4820 Research Opportunities in Botany and Microbiology
ENVB*4420 Microbial Ecology
MICR 4140 Topics in Microbiology

Graduate Courses Taught Since 1996

BOT*6301 Plant Ecology I
IBIO*6000 Advances in Ecology and Behaviour
Topics in Environmental Studies (a one-semester course at Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France)
Advanced Microbial Ecology (a 2-week course at the University of Wageningen, Netherlands)

Students Supervised Since 1996

  • 13 Post-Doctoral Fellows
  • 21 Ph.D. students
  • 34 M.Sc. students
  • 17 B.Sc. Project students
  •  5 High School Coop students

Graduate Student Committees Since 1996

Member of 51 graduate student advisory committees.