Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. John Klironomos
Department of Biology
Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences
University of British Columbia – Okanagan campus
ASC 373 - 3333 University Way
Kelowna, BC Canada V1V 1V7
Tel: 250-807-9254
Fax: 250-807-8830
E-mail: john.klironomos [at]


1994 Ph.D. Biology University of Waterloo
1990 B.Sc. Biology Concordia University

Academic Positions held

2013- Associate Dean of Research, Arts and Sciences, UBC
2012- Acting Director, Institute for Species at Risk, UBC
2009- Professor, UBC, Okanagan campus
2008-2010 Humboldt Research Fellow, Free University Berlin, Germany
2007-2009 Research Coordinator, Arboretum, University of Guelph
2006-2009 Professor, University of Guelph
2005-2006 Visiting Professor, Université Paul Sabatier, France
2003-2009 Canada Research Chair, University of Guelph
2003-2004 Bullard Research Fellow, Harvard University
2001-2006 Associate Professor, University of Guelph
1996-2001 Assistant Professor, University of Guelph
1994-1996 Postdoctoral Fellow, San Diego State University

Academic And Professional Service

University Service

2013- Associate Dean of Research, Barber School of Arts and Sciences
2012- Acting-Director, Institute for the Species at Risk and Habitat Studies
2013 Member, Executive Committee on Research, UBC
2012-2013 Member, Dean's Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure
2009-2012 Chair, Biology Curriculum Review Committee
2009-2011 Chair, Biology Graduate Program Committee
2009-2011 Biology Graduate Coordinator
2011 Member, merit and PSA Review Committee
2011 Member, Committee for the Review of Biology Curricula of Universities in Greece
2010 Member, Biology Workload Equity Committee
2010 Member, UBC Animal Care Committee
2007-2009 Research Coordinator, University of Guelph Arboretum
2007-2009 Chair, Arboretum Research Associates Committee
2007-2009 Chair, Department Graduate Program Development Committee
2007-2008 Member, College Tenure and Promotion Committee
2007-2009 Member, Guelph Institute for the Environment
2005-2008 Member, Department Chair's Advisory Council
2005-2008 Member, College Core Curriculum Development Committee
2005-2007 Organizer, EcoLunch Discussion Group
2005-2006 Member, Department Graduate Program Committee
2005 Member, Department Tenure and Promotion Committee
2004-2005 Member, Biocomplexity Faculty Search Committee
2004 Member, Department Chair Search Committee
2003 Member, Microbial Ecologist Faculty Search Committee
2001-2003 Chair, Growth Facilities Development Committee
2002. 2001-2002 Member, Plant Ecologist Faculty Search Committee
2003. 2001-2003 Member, B.Sc. (Environmental Science) Program Committee
1999-2004 Member, Plant Biology Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
1999-2004 Academic Advisor, B.Sc. Ecology Major
1999-2000 Member, College Awards Committee
1997-2000 Member, Growth Facilities Development Committee
1997-2000 Chair, Department Awards Committee

Editorial Positions and Referee Activities

2009-present (& 2002-2005) Editor Ecology Letters
2006-present Subject Editor Ecology
2006-present Subject Editor Ecological Monographs
2003-present Editorial Board Pedobiologia
2008-2010 Subject Editor Functional Ecology
2003-2005 Associate Editor EcoScience
2002-2004 Editorial Board Biol Fertil Soils
2005-2006 Member, Ontario Graduate Fellowships Committee
2002-2005 Member, Discovery Grant Selection Committee 18
(Evolution and Ecology), Natural Sciences and Engineering
Research Council of Canada
2007 Referee, Tenure and Promotion, UBC, Vancouver
2004 Referee, Tenure and Promotion, UBC, Vancouver
2004 Referee, Tenure and promotion, U. Northern Arizona
2003 Referee, Tenure and Promotion, UBC, Vancouver
2000 Referee, Tenure and Promotion, U. Montana

A regular reviewer of manuscripts submitted to a wide variety of ecology, plant, microbiology, and soils journals, and also many national and international granting agencies.

Society Positions and Memberships

2010-2011 President, International Soil Ecology Society
2008-2009 President-elect, International Soil Ecology Society
2007-present Planning and Development Committee, International Mycorrhiza Society
2006-present Member, Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution
2006-present Member, International Mycorrhiza Society
1995-present Member, Ecological Society of America
1991-present Member, International Soil Ecology Society

Symposia Organized

2011 Klironomos (Program Organizer and local organizer) International Soil Ecology Society Biennial Meeting. UBC Okanagan, Kelowna, BC.
2006 McCann, K. and Klironomos, J. (co-organizers) Peter Yodzis Colloquium in Fundamental Ecology (Theme-Biodiversity: Structure And Function).
University of Guelph, Guelph, ON.
2005 Powell, J.R, Wolfe, B.E. and Klironomos, J.N. (co-organizers) Ecological Society of America Meeting. Theme: Mutualists as parasites: How mutualistic are mutualists? Montreal, QC.


Undergraduate Courses Taught Since 1996

BIOL 414 Ecological Methods
BIOL 422 Conservation Biology
BIOL 417 Evolutionary Ecology
BIOL 116 Biology for Science Majors
ASCI*4030 Topics in Arts and Science Research
BIOL*2060 Ecology
BIOL*3050 Mycology
BIOL*4110 Ecological Methods
BOT*2050 Plant Ecology
BOT*4060 Restoration Ecology
BOT*4820 Research Opportunities in Botany and Microbiology
ENVB*4420 Microbial Ecology
MICR 4140 Topics in Microbiology

Graduate Courses Taught Since 1996

BOT*6301 Plant Ecology I
IBIO*6000 Advances in Ecology and Behaviour
Topics in Environmental Studies (a one-semester course at Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France)
Advanced Microbial Ecology (a 2-week course at the University of Wageningen, Netherlands)

Students Supervised Since 1996

  • 13 Post-Doctoral Fellows
  • 21 Ph.D. students
  • 34 M.Sc. students
  • 17 B.Sc. Project students
  •  5 High School Coop students

Graduate Student Committees Since 1996

Member of 51 graduate student advisory committees.



2007 Humboldt Research Prize, Germany
2006 NSERC Steacie Research Fellowship
2003 Harvard University Bullard Fellowship
2003 Canada Research Chair
2001 President's Distinguished Professor Award, University of Guelph
2000 Ontario Premier's Research Excellence Award

Working Group Invitations

2004-2005 National Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. Santa
Barbara, U.S.A. Topic: Mycorrhizal Functioning in Ecosystems.
2004-2006 National Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. Santa
Barbara, U.S.A. Topic: Plant Invasions.

Research Funding

2013-2018 Klironomos J. Functional diversity among arbuscular mycorrhizal symbioses. NSERC Discovery. $285,000
2010-2013 Klironomos J. Functional diversity within arbuscular mycorrhizal symbioses. NSERC Discovery. $213,000
2007-2010 Klironomos, J.N., Wagner-Riddle, C., and Dunfield, K.E. Evaluating soil-plant-microbe interactions as a technology for forest ecosystem restoration. NSERC Strategic. $452,000.
2009. 2006-2009 Whalen J.K., Bradley, R.L., Gordon, A.M., Shipley, J.W., Klironomos, J.N., and Smith, E.G. Environmental and economic benefits of tree-based intercropping systems in Canada. NSERC Strategic. $328,150.
2008. 2006-2008 Klironomos, J. Mechanisms of plant invasion. NSERC Steacie Discovery Supplement. $200,000.
2010. 2005-2010 Klironomos, J. Functional diversity of plant microbe interactions. NSERC Discovery $335,000.
2008. 2005-2008 Malcolm, J., Drapeau, P., Klironomos, J., Moncalvo, J.-M., Peng, C., Smith, S., Thompson, I. Dynamics of woody debris in eastern boreal forests. Sustainable Forest Management Network. $444,700
2004 Klironomos, J. Soil Ecology Laboratory Facility CFI / OIT Infrastructure. $249,000
2008. 2003-2008 Klironomos, J. Canada Research Chair in Ecology. $500,000.
2006. 2003-2006 Swanton, C.L., Klironomos, J.N., Pauls, K.P., and Trevors, J.T. Persistence of recombinant DNA in soil ecosystems from genetically modified corn and soybean. NSERC Strategic. $595,603.
2005. 001-2005 Klironomos, J. N. Functional diversity of plant-microbe interactions NSERC Discovery. $187,600.
2001 Klironomos, J. Microbial degradation of hydrocarbons. NSERC/Industry Program. $38,600
2001 Klironomos, J.N. Mycorrhizal fungi as determinants of plant community structure. Premier's Research Excellence Award. $150,000.
2000 Larson, D.W., Husband, B.C., Reader, R.J. and Klironomos, J.N. Research Vehicles. NSERC Equipment. $37,000.
2000 Klironomos, J. N. Microbial Incubators NSERC Equipment. $21,640.
1999 Klironomos, J. N. Mycorrhizal inoculation of native trees in city parks and streetscapes. International Society of Arboreculture Research Trust. $15,000.
1998 Posluszny, U., Husband, B.C., Klironomos, J.N., Peterson, R.L. & Greenwood, J.S. Image Capture and Analysis System. NSERC Equipment. $25,470.
2001. 1997-2001 Klironomos, J.N. Functional diversity among plant microbe interactions NSERC Discovery. $131,400.
1997 Klironomos, J.N. Research Microscope NSERC Equipment. $40,200.


You can view a full list of John Klironomos' publications here:

Published Abstracts

More than 230 published abstracts since 1991.

Invited Presentations

More than 55 invited presentations since 1996, including 12 keynote addresses at International Conferences.